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Sales & Marketing
Growth Package

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The Business
Wealth & Health
Transformation Package
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Increase Productivity by 15-30%

Business Productivity Book

Seemingly Impossible Problem

Solving Impossible Business Problem

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Business & Financial Turnaround Assessment

Business Strategy

Optimal Process flows

Structure to support Processes

New Product Development Optimization

Lean & Six Sigma - Continuous Improvement

Strategic Sales Growth

Product & Services Positioning

Strategic Cost & Waste Reduction

Organizational Leadership

Product Costing & Pricing Strategies

Business Financial Management

Cash Financing/Funding

ERP / IT Support

Project Management for Business

Business Skills Training

A.I. Automated Accounting

A.I. B2B Lead Generation

Global Virtual Business Care

Client Engagement Process
Historical Business Turnaround Results

50% Increase
in Productivity

WIP Reduction
of 80%

Revenue per Employee
up $72,000

79% Reduction
in Rework

Sales Increase
of 13%

Lead Time Reduction
of 70%

EBITDA increase
of 240%

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Virtual Business Academy
Business Help Training and Classes

142 Interactive
Online Business Competency Skills Courses

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"A Pathway to Leadership, Decision Making & Velocity."
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A.I. Automated Accounting - AutoEntry
Perfect Cost Savings tool

Time saving Auto Entry Accounting Services

Accounting Firms Bookkeepers Small - Medium Businesses Medical
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Accounting Software

Sapphire Systems
ERP Implementation Cloud Hosting Strategic Partner

Sallyport Commercial Finance
Strategic Funding Partner
Invoice Financing Help for Businesses

Asset Finance Lending

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