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How it Works...

1. Upload a Document
Capture invoices and receipts with your phone or submit digital documents online.

2. Categorize the Entry
AutoEntry extracts the data for you. Simply review the transaction and categorize it.

3. Publish
AutoEntry automatically posts the transaction to your accounting software.

4. Done
Find something more productive to do with the money and time you just saved!

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Capture bills, invoices, expenses, & receipts, then input them automatically into your accounting software.

A major TIME and MONEY saver for Accounting Firms, Bookkeepers, Small - Medium Businesses, Medical Companies, and Much More!

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Integrates Seamlessly with Most Major Accounting Software's

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AutoEntry integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks and extracts the required data before posting it into your QuickBooks account.

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AutoEntry automates the extraction and processing of bills, invoices, expenses and receipts, and inputs them directly into Xero.

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Key Features...

1. Bank Statement Uploads
AutoEntry processes bank and credit card statements; so you can upload a single document instead of a month’s worth of individual transactions.

2. Line Item Capture
AutoEntry captures full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line.

3. Verified Accuracy
AutoEntry’s verification process produces near-perfect accuracy; so you won’t need to pre-format or re-upload documents.

4. Auto-Categorizing
AutoEntry recognizes recurring transactions and suggests how to categorize them based on previous uploads.

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It is far more reliable being able to email documents in and know that all of your information is being captured in one place. Integration with accounting software is seamless and saves a lot of time.

Zoe Denning

I have recently started using Auto entry. It is great, simple to use and frees up time to do other tasks. I would definitely recommend it.

Rebecca Beaton

Perfect for processing clients with paper bank statements. Easy to use and pretty much hassle free!

Tim Alter
Alter Ledger

I have only been using AutoEntry for just over a month now after switching from Receiptbank. I was looking for a quick set up, a clear user interface, efficiency and value for money. AutoEntry offers all of that, has an excellent pricing structure and is very easy to use. It really has saved the time and headache of data entry and allows my time as a Bookkeeper to be spent in other areas. I would not hesitate to recommend AutoEntry.

Louise Moore
Moore Bookkeeping

This add-on has all the right attributes, ease of work, speed & accuracy so I would strongly recommend giving it a go!

Patrick Dillon

Extraction of data is 9/10 very good, have occasionally needed to enter information that has not been converted accurately. it does take a bit longer than hoped to process the extraction, but I just load up my documents and let it run its processing which is done within an hour or two at most.

Susan Reading Bookkeeping

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