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Connect With People In Need
Find New Supporters
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We Take Care of the Whole Process...

Apply to the program
Create an account
Create and setup ads
Setup and manage the ad campaigns
KEEP YOU COMPLIANT so you don’t lose the grant
Keyword research & suggestions
Analytics (tracking) setup
Ongoing account management and campaign optimization

If your account isn’t being managed correctly, all year, it’s very likely that it will get suspended.

Google Ad Grants for FREE
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Done by Experienced Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals
Many Other Programs and Services Available to Increase Your Non-profits’ Reach and Awareness

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We were lucky and found your services through referral from a business associate who was benefiting from your services. Perhaps you could ally yourselves with business bankers to identify other small business targets. Our consultant has many productive ideas and is very savvy.

Benefited from the knowledge expertise and support from a professional in the industry. New ideas creative thinking and advice that I will use towards increasing sales and expanding our business. Thank You.

Thank you for all your help and support. It has led to increased sales which resulted in 3 new hires. We will recommend it to other companies in the manufacturing industry.

More than learning about business strategy, cutting costs and optimization, The Company Doctors helps build character and gives confidence, that has made a world of difference for me, my company's profit, sustainability and future growth. Thanks
Joe - Owner Bal-Tec

Just a few of the 53+
Several Businesses Helped
Book keeping and accounting numbers

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
Designed for Small to Mid Sized Businesses.

Business Help Marketing Services

Marketing & Business Help Solutions
Discounted or Wholesale Prices,
Price Matching, & an Unbeatable
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Taking the lead in business requires drive and focus as well as a great deal of Financial skill!

The Company Doctors provide Next Level Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Small & Mid-sized Businesses at amazingly Low Prices!

Whether you need Part-time Help or 100% Outsourced Support, We Deliver...

G.A.A.P. Ready Financials
Reduced Taxes
Improved Cash Flow
Better Profits
Our Services Pay for themselves!

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Business Accounting Tool

2020 Deloitt Survey

Business Bookkeeping Why Outsource

Certified Bookkeeping Professionals
Certified Public Bookkeepers

professional bookkeeper

Manufacturing - Food - Retail - Service - Apparel - Construction - Auto Repair - Non-Profit

Each industry requires special expertise, thus we customize your bookkeeping & Accounting processes to maximize accuracy and profitability in each one of these industries, while making it EASY, TRANSPARENT & VIRTUAL!

Schedule a Call to Discuss your Business,
you hire another Employee or a Bookkeeper!

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Comparison Chart

Hiring an In-House Accountant Outsourcing to The Company Doctors
10 hours/week = $1,057/month
20 hours/week = $2,115/month
40 hours/week = $4,230/month
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Starting at

Agile Workflow and Business Product Management Certified Business Python Coding Bootstrap Web Development Certified Business Professional Bookkeeping Certified

Advanced Business Support Service

The Company Doctors offers key supportive Business Products, Services and Personal coaching. We use a proven 360 degree Holistic Methodology to ensure all products, services and coaching support the company's profitability.

Ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to differentiate yourself from the pack. It's about building acumen, thinking creatively, having advanced skills in your toolbox, and taking the lead. Successful Businesses operate with Planned Strategies, Mapped Processes & Established frameworks. The Company Doctors not only provide support & guidance, but we help your business push and test your abilities.

Business Help Meetings

The Company Doctors provides Business Help Products, Services and Personal coaching based on our proven 360 degree Holistic Methodology, so you have the skills, knowledge and professional support it takes to succeed at the higher levels in business.

Video Exam Room
Business Video Library

Live Webinars Podcasts Videos of Q&A Videos - Online Bus. Competency Courses


Founded in 2015, The Company Doctors is a dynamic group of communicators and leadership experts, working to create unique coaching programs and services. Our goal is to not simply be a premier coaching agency or Business Help experts but to be synonymous with excellence in the industry. Setting the standard is one thing but continually raising the bar is another - that's our true aim. And of course, the way we measure success is by the success of our clients and what they think of us and our relentless drive to deliver measurable results. We are fortunate to have 53 companies saved through 2020 and counting!

Company Turnaround Help Guru

Randy McKinley
Founder of The Company Doctors
A LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 25 years of Demonstrated history of turning around businesses. Developing and implementing Business Strategy for Sustainability + Growth, while optimizing operations for multiple domestic & international companies including Kraft, Nabisco,PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Papa Johns, Dominos, Windsor Foods, Lee Kum Kee, and many more Small Businesses through the United States NIST/MEP-CMTC Consulting Firm.
LEAN 6 Sigma Black Belt LEAN Business Help Certified Professional Bookkeeping Certified

Business Help Professional

Dave Ley
Principle & Managing Member of The Company Doctors
Dave provides Leadership and hands on expertise in Business Development strategies, SEO implementation, Website development, Digital Marketing, and Advertising. Dave is a highly successful Entrepreneur and owns multiple Successful Wedding and Entertainment companies, and a Graphics and Marketing company. Prior to his entrepreneurship, he lead efforts in areas of Graphic Design, SEM Strategies, Digital product management, marketing and sales with numerous companies, including Allegra, Marketing Bridge and several Printing Companies. Dave has a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and has held nearly every job title possible in a typical business.

Agile Scrum Certified Python Certificate Bootstrap Web Design Certificate Business Education Certificates

Business Journalist and Public Relations

Eileen Frere-McKinley
Media & Public Relations
Eileen provides Leadership in the area of Public Relations, Social Media and Communications across all platforms to support our clients communication needs. Eileen's impressive background started in Canada as a CBC radio Host + Reporter and progressed to her being an on air investigative Reporter for CBC TV in Canada before moving to the US. In the US, Eileen worked for KOMO - Seattle as an on air ABC News reporter before move to ABC News LA where she was Orange County Bureau Chief and Reporter. Couple this with her expertise in social media, she gives our clients a distinct advantage in communication, social media marketing & crisis management.

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